Our Meetinghouse

Near the peaceful surrounds of Dogue Hill Road and Georgetown Pike, sits a historic white church that is the home of Langley Hill Friends Meeting. The church was one of the earliest buildings in the area and it is on the National Register of Historic Places. Two other faith communities used the building before it became a Quaker Meeting House in 1961.
Although the Quaker meetinghouse has a simple exterior, the interior has been recently renovated and restored to reflect the fine craftsmanship of the original structure. During the renovation, the building was made fully accessible and a new modern kitchen was installed.



Large windows on three sides bathe the Meeting Room in bright, natural light. The interior of the Meeting Room is simple and arranged without a pulpit, lending itself to gatherings of up to 125 people.

Couples wishing to rent the Meeting Room for their wedding can make arrangements with the clergy of their choice. Rooms are available for the bridal party prior to the ceremony.

It is possible to rent one or more spaces in the Meeting House. The fellowship room has areas for preparing and serving food and a large dinning area. Large tables and chairs are available for use. The Meeting House can be rented for birthday or anniversary celebrations. The Meeting House can also comfortably host larger community meetings and seminars.
For smaller groups of up to 20, a lovely space on the first floor is available. The room is awash in sunlight for most of the day. Furniture can easily be re-arranged for a variety of purposes.

To reserve space in the Meeting House, please contact the building use coordinator via e-mail at LangleyHillQuakers@gmail.com.
In your request, please indicate the dates and times you wish to use our Meeting House, as well as the purpose and approximate number of people you expect at your event. Also let us know if you wish to use the kitchen facility and if any special arrangements are required.