Our Faith

Central Beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
The Quaker faith is based on the knowledge that God is present in us and by quieting our minds and listening deeply; we can directly experience God’s presence. It is the shared practice of worship, not a fixed set of beliefs that identify us as Quakers. We have no formal creed or dogma. We have no liturgy or rituals, but as we sit in silent worship as a community we carefully listen in silent expectation of Divine guidance for ourselves and our community.

There is great diversity of beliefs within our faith community. Some Quakers have a conception of God that is similar to that of other Christians, others conceive of God in a very different way. Regardless of our how different Friends perceive God, it is the knowledge of this Presence in us that compels us to the unwavering understanding that a person’s life testifies to their spiritual beliefs – it can be no other way. These spiritual insights, which we call our Quaker values or testimonies, spring from living in harmony with our beliefs. As Quakers, we strive to live our daily lives in accord with the values of peace both at home and internationally, equality for all of God’s children, personal integrity, simplicity, and stewardship of the world with which we have been entrusted. It is not always easy, and we do not always get it “right”, but, with the help and support of our faith community, Langley Hill Friends Meeting (LHFM), we do the best we can.

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