Public Witness in Support of Freedom of Religion

The Truth that all people have the right to Freedom of Religion has been a fundamental belief of Quakers since George Fox and William Penn worked for this right, often at great personal cost.  Under William Penn, the Pennsylvania Colony made Freedom of Religion the law for all citizens of Pennsylvania.  Later, it became the very first right listed in the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights. This guaranteed right of all people in the US to worship as they are led, is now in jeopardy - not just for some, but for all.  How are today’s Quakers called to witness to this Truth?

Langley Hill Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, unites with the following Statement of Conscience, and through words and deeds, will witnesses to the Truth that all people have the legal right and spiritual entitlement to practice their chosen faith or no faith at all. 


“As people of faith and conscience, we are compelled in this time of growing violence and religious intolerance to witness to the U.S. Constitutional right of all people to the free, peaceful, and legal exercise of their own religious traditions, without fear of bullying, intimidation, or persecution. We commit our community and ourselves to support and speak out for Freedom of Religion in whatever constructive ways we can.”


Each person in the Langley Hill Friends Meeting community have signed this statement in a personal affirmation and commitment to action in support of Freedom of Religion.

If your faith community is interested in spreading this witness in support of Freedom of Religion, please feel free to copy and adapt any of the following as you are led. 

Statement of Conscience for signatures - click here 

Simple Things Individuals can do to support Freedom of Religion click here

 FAQs regarding the Statement of Conscience and Call to Witness click here

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