Children's Programs


What to Expect

Langley Hill Friends Meeting welcomes all parents, youth, and children to our community with a commitment to providing a safe and supportive spiritual home. We offer a nursery program for our youngest children, an assembly period and classes for elementary school children, and classes for middle and high school students. We follow our youth safety policy to keep our children safe while at Meeting. Classes are intended to educate our children and youth in Quaker history and faith and practice. First Day school prepares children to fully participate as adults in the Religious Society of Friends.

A downloadable handout on the RE program is available here:


Generalized First Day School Class Schedule

10:00-10:30:  Children are invited to join Meeting for Worship with their families

10:30-11:00:  Elementary-school aged children leave Meeting for Worship for Assembly activity

11:00-12:00:  First Day School

12:00:  Parents collect all children

10:00-12:00:  Infants and toddlers are welcome in the nursery


During the school year, all children (including those of nursery age) are invited to remain in meeting for the first half hour of worship. At approximately 10:30, an adult will indicate the beginning of children's activities, whether by an announcement, waving a pennant, or otherwise pied-pipering the children from the meeting room either downstairs to do a guided activity or outside to the playground, weather permitting.
At 11:00, the children will gather for snack downstairs before proceeding to lessons. 



Nursery aged children are welcomed downstairs in the nursery any time between the beginning of meeting and its end. 
Nursery aged children may participate in the guided activity and snack periods with the other children, depending on age and ability.  


Pre-K / K class & Elementary (1st - 5th grades)

The Pre-K classes are currently downstairs in the large classroom at the end of the hall, and 
the Elementary classes are currently in the small classroom upstairs. 

Classes will usually consist of singing, storytelling or playing games based around SPICES (Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship), the major Quaker values. 


Middle-High (6th - 12th grades)

The Middle and High school classes are in the large classroom at the end of the hall upstairs and are more open-ended than the other classes, often being presented with either current or historical situations to discuss as a group. They will also usually complete a major project each year and present it to the meeting at large at the RE graduation ceremony.
They also run their own monthly business meeting, and will occasionally run fundraisers for charities or causes they find particularly worthy. 

Stay Informed on What’s Happening in RE

The current clerk or the Religious Education committee is Alan Swanson, who can be reached either at a meeting or by messaging the meeting house as explained by the "Contact Us" page, which will then be forwarded appropriately. Plans for curriculum and scheduling can be found on the RE bulletin board in the basement of the meeting house. 

The Religious Education committee would like to remind you that they are always happy to see volunteers and that you are encouraged to contact any member of the committee to do so.