Anti-Racism Working Group

This Group arose from an earlier Working Group on Racism amid current concerns about inclusion, racial justice and equity within the Baltimore Yearly Meeting and across the country. We began in June 2020 and have met often since then.

Our mission states: We, the Langley Hill Anti-racism Working Group, reaffirm that there is that of God in everyone, which makes us all equal human beings. We unite to lead and encourage the Meeting to examine ourselves and the structures that underpin racism and to act for equity, inclusion, safety, and justice for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC).

The Working Group sponsors a discussion group on racial justice books and organized a second hour discussion series on anti-racism topics. Occasional voters among underrepresented groups have been encouraged to vote, and connections with local racial justice groups promoted. Print and media resources are available. We invite all to join us.