Teen Programs

Just like the adult members of the LHFM community, teens in middle school or high school meet monthly to enjoy some time to hang out with friends and to conduct their own business meeting. During their business meetings, our teens also have fun planning their own special social activities, like community movie or game nights, bowling and ski trips, and identifying service projects to conduct throughout the year. Through the Quaker practice of making decisions, our teens practice careful listening to each other’s point of view, speaking up even when they are in the minority. These important skills will serve them well in life.

In addition to participating in our Meeting’s activities, the Quaker community in the greater DC area has a vibrant summer camp program for youth 9 - 16 years of age. There are four different camping and outdoor teen leadership programs to choose from. Our meeting has scholarship funds available to help any member of our community attend camp. Applications for camp are accepted starting at the beginning of the calendar year. The camp program is open to all children regardless of religious affiliation.
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Young people in 6th through 12th grades can participate in a year-round program of weekend leadership conferences. Whether for middle or high school youth, the conferences provide the opportunity to experience a Quaker community where they are accepted for who they are - no cliques, no in-crowd – just the caring and trust of their peers and adults that work at the conferences. Each conference features workshops, good food, fun, time to “chill” and to make new friends.
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