Climate Working Group


Langley Hill’s Climate Working Group arose out of a concern for the Earth, our Stewardship, Equity and Simplicity Quaker testimonies, and a strong sense that Langley Hill as a community wanted to be more engaged on climate issues.  The goals of the Climate Working Group are:

1.    Education - a place to share concerns, ideas, and resources. For example, see Simple Energy Efficiency Steps.

2.    Engagement - a space to join together on common activities or support one another in separate endeavors, and

3.    Action - to identify opportunities to help reduce our impacts on our Earth as a Meeting or individuals and bring recommendations to the whole Meeting for discernment. To identify how best to witness our concern for the climate at local, state, national and international level to create change.

The Working Group has sponsored Second Hours, helped redirect Meeting funds to “green” investments,  and examined ways to reduce our footprint, Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate as they are led.